We introduced ZOOM classes and presentations into our course structure in August 2020.

What is ZOOM….

Zoom is an app which can be downloaded onto your laptop, home computer, tablet/iPad and/or phone.  It facilitates interactive meetings for small and large groups of people.  Leaders can show online presentations, videos and conduct discussions etc. just like when you’re together in the one room but with social distancing…

Click HERE for instructions on how to install ZOOM onto your device…

We have purchased a licence to allow us to provide Zoom sessions.  This licence can only be used by one class at a time, so it is important that classes start and end on time.

Classes using ZOOM

We will be offering forums and classes using ZOOM as the delivery mechanism however, before you can attend a ZOOM session, you must be enrolled into that session in the same way as you need to be enrolled into a face-to-face Forum or Course.  As in the case of face-to-face classes, you will receive an enrolment confirmation email for your Zoom classes.

Closer to the day of your Zoom class, you will be sent an email which will contain the date, time and link to the Zoom Class you are enrolled in. 

On the day of your class, open the email and click the link to access your class.  Click HERE for more ZOOM information on joining your class.

If you are not sure of how to enrol, click HERE to go to the enrolment instructions.

How to find our ZOOM courses

The Zoom sessions can be found on the COURSES page of the website. 

Zoom classes will be named “ZOOM ONLINE followed by the Subject Name” e.g. ZOOM ONLINE North to Alaska. 

We have also created a category for Zoom Courses called ‘Webinars’.  If you select Webinars from the top of the courses page, all the Zoom Online courses will be displayed.  Alternatively, you can search for them using Control-F and inserting the word ‘ZOOM’.

We hope you will enjoy this new addition to our program.