Conditions of Membership

  • No longer in full time employment
  • Mature aged


  • Select only courses you can attend
  • Be respectful of leaders, other class members and venue personnel
  • Apologise as promptly as possible to the Leader online or by phone if unable to attend your course.
  • Inform Leader online or by phone if discontinuing a course.
  • Support the organisational arrangements at venues: equipment, seating and catering
  • Turn off mobile phones in class

Online Communications

  • Keep membership profile up to date
  • Check emails and MYU3A online regularly for important information or to confirm course dates and time
  • Where possible, use MyU3A to enroll in or enter apologies for or withdrawals from courses


  • Keep a record of Course choices: date, venue and time
  • Be respectful and polite to promote participation by all attendees
  • Refrain from discussion of contentious matters (unless at the leader’s direction.)